The Right Way to Become a Rollerblading Pro

If you have never been rollerblading, it is time to get out there and change that.

It is one of the most fun, exciting, and thrilling outdoor activities that girls can get involved with, so what are you waiting for?

There are hundreds of great rollerblades for girls to choose from.

You could go for a bold, neon design.

Or, you can pick something a little cooler and edgier, with a hip pattern on the sides.

Whatever your poison, the key is confidence.

For beginners, rollerblading is always going to feel tricky at first.

It requires good balance, a lot of patience, and quick reactions.

There will be minor falls and bumps in the road while you are learning, but with a high quality pair of rollerblades for girls, you’ll pick it up in no time.

These handy hints and tips will help you decide where to start with your first big rollerblading adventure.

Getting the Right Gear

Picking up the right pair of ‘blades is important, because you need a product that will give you plenty of ankle support.

This is good for helping you to stay on your feet and learn how to manoeuvre.

While most rollerblades tend to be modelled on hockey shoes, you are recommended to try a taller boot, with an ankle strap, if you are just starting out.

The perfect rollerblades for girls provide rigid ankle cushioning and support, a tight fit, and the minimum of wobble.

You don’t want to be tilting all over the place as soon as you strap yourself into your new skates.

This kind of shoe can be swapped out for a faster, more nimble version when you have learned some of the basic moves.

Balance and Form

It should come as no surprise to find that the most important aspect of rollerblading is, you guessed it, staying upright.

Investing in the right rollerblades for girls will help you to do this, but you will also need to work on your posture.

To stay upright and prevent wobbling, tilt forward a little to find your centre of gravity.

Take some time to practice walking and standing in the ‘blades, before you dive in to any flashy moves.

You are ready to begin rolling once you are used to the feel of the shoes on your feet.

They should be totally comfortable and not rub or chafe.

To stop yourself from rolling forwards, position your feet perpendicular to one another.

This is an important thing to remember, but it should always be your “starting” position.

Practice gently rolling forward on a slight incline, before you start giving yourself a bit of a push.

Skating Like a Pro

Now, it is time to take your excellent rollerblades for girls and pull out some major moves.

Try this one on for size.

Bend a little at the knees and push away gently with your back shoe.

You should be leading with the front shoe.

Once you are slowly moving, use the front shoe to give yourself a push.

Keep alternating, but don’t increase the speed until you find a rhythm.

Becoming a rollerblading pro is all about practice.

It is about giving yourself the time to get acquainted with the new sensations.

So, even though you are probably quite excited to get rolling and throwing out stunts, it is best to progress slowly.

It will help you stay on your feet, avoid nasty crashes, and build up your level of skill gradually and consistently.