The Best Portable Water Filter for Safe and Clean Water in America

One of the issues today is clean drinking water.

It is a major concern for everyone who cares about their personal health.

Healthy drinking water does not come out of the tap anymore according to many of the health resources which have studied this issue thoroughly.

Portable water filtration systems have advanced quite a bit because of this concern.

There are many to choose from but which is the best portable water filter available?

Katadyn Water Filter

Katadyn water filters are inexpensive and they are made for cleansing water from streams and outside sources.

This is the type of portable water filter that is best for decontaminating any drinking water.

Katadyn is recommended for camping which makes it even more attractive for everyday users.

The water companies are given strict standards to uphold for drinking water.

These standards do not catch all of the contaminants that are probably in the tap water we consume.

What Standards to look for in Portable Water Filtration systems

How can you tell that your portable water filter is doing the very best for your protection? Some of the things that are not filtered out of tap water can come directly from the pipes that bring water into your building or home.

One of the most dangerous contaminants we all face in our drinking water is cryptosporidium.

Cryptosporidium should be filtered out of tap water and other sources before it is considered moderately safe to drink.

Portable water filters which are used in outdoor settings need to filter out dangerous bacteria for safe drinking water.

The best filtration systems to use every day should filter out many other harmful bacteria such as salmonella and more.

Why is Katadyn the Best Portable Water Filter?

Katadyn filters out nearly a hundred percent of protozoa found in water sources.

This amazing filter has a micron filter that will filter up to 300 gallons of water before it needs cleaning.

Cleaning Katadyn filter is easy to clean and ready to go.

The Katadyn also provides a large amount of drinking water at one time by using a pumping device.

This is the best portable water filter which uses a ceramic filter that needs to be replaced when it wears out.

What Contaminants need to be filtered for Safe Drinking Water?

Most sources of drinking water in America do not need virus cleansing filters.

These filters do need to be effective in killing bacteria such as Coli-form bacteria.

The Katadyn water portable water filter contains the best filtration system effective for cleansing bacteria from water sources of all types in America.

There are many different types of bacteria in water filtration systems across America.

Each state has a different standard set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The main concern for Americans is bacteria in water sources.

There is a tight standard from the EPA set for states and cities across the country.

This standard is a good one but it is not enough to protect from every bit of bacteria in water sources.

Katadyn is the best portable water filter for camping, hiking and everyday water filtration.