Here’s Why Inexpensive Christmas Trees Are a Smart Choice

Pricier trees that cost more than the gifts underneath them are common and include live ones, super huge artificial trees, and those that come equipped with lights and decorations.

However, if you’re on a budget there’s nothing wrong with foregoing the expensive artificial and live options and going with a tree that’s on the cheap side.

Here’s why you should consider inexpensive artificial Christmas trees without lights this holiday season.

It’s much cheaper than a live or tree

Live trees cost lots of money because they’re usually large and they take a considerable amount of labor and care.

Even if you go to a tree tree farm where you can select and chop down your own live pine, fir, or spruce, you’ll have to invest money into making the trip and finding a way to safely get it home.

Simply plopping it on the roof of your family car isn’t always an option or the best thing to do.

With artificial Christmas trees without lights, all you have to do is open a box and put the tree together.

They’re more environmentally friendly

Chopping down any tree – even those used for Christmas – is destructive and not eco-friendly, as harvesting trees equates to eliminating flora that could be benefiting the environment.

Artificial trees do involve some chemicals and manufacturing, but because they’re reusable they’re a better alternative.

It takes years upon years for a tree to mature, and it’s best not to cut them down whenever possible.

Besides, if you opt for a live tree you’ll also have to come up with a way to responsibly dispose of or recycle it, which is more hassle for you as opposed to using artificial Christmas trees without lights.

Inexpensive artificial trees are quite versatile

There are many more heights, styles, and colors of artificial trees than live trees.

Even when it comes to the expensive artificial trees that are pre-lit, artificial Christmas trees without lights are still more versatile.

You can choose exactly what type of decorations to put on and how many, and you can also switch out your decorations and lights from year to year instead of being stuck with the same pre-made design.

Having the opportunity to forgo lights altogether is another advantage of artificial Christmas trees without lights, as it eliminates the need to put the tree near an outlet – the number of places that you can display an unlit tree is just about endless.

You can use them again and again

It’s well known that live trees will quickly die, sometimes even before Christmas day, so they can’t be used from year to year.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of pre-decorated and pre-lit artificial trees is they don’t usually last as long as artificial Christmas trees without lights.

Once a bulb goes out and your tree won’t light up anymore, you’ll have to go replace it.

The same goes with pe-installed decorations – if enough of the ornaments break, you’ll have to replace your tree.