Indestructible Collar For Dogs Who Love To Chew

I know that I share this situation with dog lovers everywhere when I say that my dog loves to chew and is very strong.

Unfortunately this means that I have gone through a lot of collars in the years I have had him.

I know he means nothing by it but it gets frustrating when I come home and he is off the chain and running around the yard playing with what is left of his collar.

There are collars on the market now that are called “indestructible” and once I heard that I began doing my research.

Some of the collars I have come across are made of nylon with a metal quick clip that is a good deal stronger than the regular plastic clips that you usually find on collars nowadays.

Another kind that I found is made of paracord and is very tough and durable.

A third type I found was called a Knot-a-collar.

This particular collar actually has no clasp whatsoever.

Instead you slip it over your dog’s head and adjust it by using the fisherman knots that it gets its name from.

There are some metal pieces on this collar to attach the leash and ID tag to.

Below I have listed some collars according to material that they are made of, all of these are very strong and considered indestructible.


Collars made from chain are definitely indestructible when it comes to being chewed up.

However, most chain collars are choker collars that are not necessary or good for some dogs.

There are ways to adapt a chain collar if that is all you can find but it makes changing it out very difficult.


Nylon collars are strong and can be used on large dogs.

The only thing to worry about on these is the fact that they can be scratched or chewed until they come off, I had this problem myself.

However, if your dog is not one that chews a lot then the nylon collar should work very well and it is also a bit more comfortable than a chain collar.


This type of collar is strong, durable and comfortable.

These types of collars are usually rounded instead of flat like traditional collars and can settle comfortably into a dog’s fur without pulling or causing discomfort.

The Knot-a-collar is made of this material and, as is common for paracord collars, slips over the dog’s head so you do not have to worry about a clasp.

I have listed the information above so that you can have a starting point for your research when looking for an indestructible dog collar.

Really it all depends on your dog’s habits and personality which collar you would consider to be indestructible.

I could have put down a dozen collars that are listed as indestructible but that would take a lot of time for you to sift through.

That is why I put down what collar materials are considered indestructible so that you could decide for yourself what kind to look into.