Avoid Disaster With The Best Patio Umbrella Stand

There is nothing better than being able to sit outside in the warm sun just soaking up the rays.

Occasionally it is even nice to eat out there but because my children are still young it was important to purchase an umbrella to protect them from the sun.

It was a great investment which turned sour because I didn’t realize how important it is to also buy an umbrella stand along with it.

One windy day the umbrella got caught in the wind and the table came crashing to the ground.

The worst part is that the table was glass and is now no more.

It was very disappointing so if you have a table umbrella go buy yourself a stand to prevent this accident from happening to you.

Types of umbrella stands

Luckily, they have a variety of options out there ranging from plastic to metal.

Just make sure to purchase the best patio umbrella stand you can find.

They have umbrella stands that are on their own base and don’t require a table to hold them steady and others that do.

Overstock is a wonderful resource for purchasing an umbrella stand if you are not looking to leave the house.

They offer plenty of options from between $45-$200 depending on what you are looking for.

I greatly prefer functionality over looks because replacing my glass table cost a small fortune and it was new.

The other site worth checking or even visiting is the Home Depot, they offer stands starting as low as $36 going all the way up to $200.

How umbrella stands work

Some of the umbrella stands are very heavy and they need to be because they can’t move or a mess will happen.

They also have light ones that are easy enough for a toddler to help you carry home and all you have to do is fill the base with sand or water.

Water will need to be refilled if it evaporates and sand can be a pain because if you are getting rid of the stand the sand will need to be dumped.

For me, water was the way to go as it just seemed easier to turn on the hose and fill it up.

It was all about keeping my table from ending up broken yet again.

Best patio umbrella stand has made my life so much easier and less worrisome

Choice for best patio umbrella stand

The choice was easy since I am a huge fan of the Home Depot drove over to the local store and looked through them.

I ended up going with one that I found on sale for $13.89 and all I had to do was fill it with water and be done.

If you don’t have one please do yourself a favor and go get one now before you lose your table the way I did.

Here is some information on both the Home Depot and Overstock they are both great resources for a variety of different purchases you might need to make in the future.

Now go get the best patio umbrella stand!